An Insight In Armand Buzzelli’s Daily Life

WAMO 100.3 rings from the iPod as Armand awakes.  Howard Stern guides him with insights and rants on his way to work, though on some days songs from Lithium or The Heat could be blasting from his whip.  At seven in the morning, he’s taking the scenic route to Jefferson to get some exercise before showering and grabbing some egg whites at the café.  It’s all just another day in the life of Armand Buzzeli.

But anyone who knows Armand knows that every day is different.  Apart from staying on top of his email, the conventional ends just about there.  Bright and early in the morning, students can learn the ancient ways of the East in the comforts of the West as Armand teaches a Martial Arts class once a week.

Most work-days are incredibly random, depending on the ebb and flow of what’s happening. The one consistency is his constant interaction with students.   With around forty student workers or interns with him and an open-door policy, it’s hard to not have a finger on the pulse of campus life.

As the Campus Recreation Director, Armand manages a plethora of intramural activities — some of which include kickball, dodgeball, flag football, basketball, indoor soccer and outdoor volleyball– apart from maintaining the Jefferson Fitness Center.  If students are not interested in Intramural Sports, There’s always the Group Exercise Program to get in shape.  He heads this as well.  Speaking on the job, Armand states in tweet-friendly format:

“I provide opportunities for students to be active and social.”

Typically seen in athletic attire, Armand considers himself to be the eyes and ears of campus.  At the right time of the day, people may just run into him at the Student Life Office or simply just walking around campus, and staying active.  In the midst of the madness, he relaxes to Stevie Wonder radio on Pandora. Although his favorite Wonder song was hard to pinpoint, he and the writer agreed on “Golden Lady” as a favorite.  Though not a big fanatic of the televised medium, he does have an eye out for literature – whether reading mafiosa tales from the 50s (Mafia Summer) or getting lost in Alaska (Into the Wild).

Armand played basketball and baseball in college– he still plays the former now. Campus life has allowed him to appreciate hockey and soccer in a higher light.  To keep up with such sports — in addition to world events– he frequents ESPN and  Maybe he’ll have to check out as well.

A day in the life of Armand Buzzelli has plenty of food, and when he gets home the fridge is the first thing on his mind.  Armand was keen to recommend red pepper humus as one of his favorite foods, perhaps while watching a good game with friends.    All in all and in his own words, “I love my job”.  It’s easy to see why.  Students can catch him on Facebook (pages exist for both Intramural Sports and the Jefferson Center) and Twitter (@RMUCampusRec).