Holiday Cheer: A little too soon?


Photo credit: US Fish & Wildlife Service (Turkey Picture)

Jocelyn Burns

Over the years it seems that Christmas items and music have been releasing earlier and earlier. Stores bring out the Christmas playlists, and homes put out their Santa decorations right when November hits. It’s easy to say this holiday season is loved by the majority, but is it overshadowing Thanksgiving?

There are multiple memes online that show people who get excited for Halloween, and when it turns midnight on November 1, people start listening to Christmas music. Christmas is such a big deal that there are countdowns on the Internet, and the stores are constantly counting down the seconds until the day. But it seems that Thanksgiving never gets any of this excitement. There are no countdowns to the turkey or any anticipation about the decorations coming out.

The winter holiday season has a lot of fun moments wrapped around it, but Thanksgiving is also such an important time that it shouldn’t be overshadowed as much as it is now. Thanksgiving is a day that shows our gratitude to the Pilgrims and Native Americans that helped us get to where we are now, which is such an important part of history. Thanksgiving is a day where we gather together to eat a lot of food…so why aren’t more people excited?

Thanksgiving is such a popular holiday that, according to in 2015, 46.9 million people traveled over 50 miles from home. Another statistic from says that 50 million people watch the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.” If so many people go home and watch the parade, it is crazy to not see much more passion about the holiday itself.

Students everywhere should be really happy about Thanksgiving, especially college students because it is the first major break given to them. It’s the last relaxation period students get before the dreaded finals.

The winter holiday season is a beautiful one, but the people who get extremely excited about it shouldn’t leave out the important day of Thanksgiving. Although being excited about something is such a great thing, more people should save some of their excitement for November 24th this year and keep their Christmas decorations stored a little longer.