Minding your manners: RMU students learn practical skills at etiquette dinner


Practicality and manners are two things not typically associated with college students. Despite this common conception, Robert Morris University students are given the chance to learn about modern etiquette and, more specifically, how to stay ahead in future, professional environments.

This etiquette dinner, planned for Nov. 13, from 4:30 to 6 p.m., will include knowledge of skills that go far beyond proper tableware and traditional mannerisms. The dinner instead focuses on the professional aspect of manners and how they can be translated as a sign of respect or refinement when interacting with potential clients and future associates.
Students will have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers as they discuss the importance of etiquette and how to react to certain situations such as interviewing over a meal. Even the long-winded debate of which individual picks up the check will be covered. Students will also learn practical skills such as the proper placement of utensils and tips for conversation starters in a business dinner.

“It is a competitive workforce…these are some of the additional skills helpful to students to help them better their presentation of themselves and feel more confident,” said Maureen Keefer, Assistant Dean of Students.

Occasionally, having good manners can make people feel stuffy or pretentious. But Keefer assures that if one takes the time to learn these skills, appropriate manners or behaviors will only invest in one’s future.

The cost is $10, but students with meal plans can use their Freedom Cards to cover the cost. The dinner will be rather informal in some ways – during the night students will receive the opportunity to interact with the speakers.
The dress attire for the event is business attire – jeans and sneakers should stay at home.

Students interested in going should email the Office of Student Life ahead of time, so they can reserve their spot and pick out their menu option.