Relieving Stress Through Fashion

Shalida-Ann Dobbins, Assistant Features Editor

Many people may find fashion stressful when shopping or just trying to find the perfect outfit. However, it does not have to be stressful.

Some people play a sport to relieve stress and others, who are fashion lovers, flip through magazines or shop for sales at their favorite store.  Sometimes, fashion can be a person’s friend when he or she is tired and does not want to go through another unproductive day. A way to relieve stress through fashion is to reorganize a wardrobe. It is a good opportunity for people to realize the good sense of style.  They can also take advantage of this moment to donate their old clothes to a local charity. It will make them feel proud of themselves and refreshed to have cleared out the old to make room for the new.

Another way to relieve stress is to make an inspiration board, which contains everything that inspires one’s outlook on his or her style. To make it, people just need to have fabric swatches, a small bulletin board, magazine cut outs, push pins, and a good amount of imagination. Using push pins help people change the inspiration board when their style inspiration changes. If someone wants to do something other than make a inspiration board, he or she can window shop. However, some people would prefer to not window shop to not be reminded of their limited income. However, they can always save for the item they really want. As soon as they purchase it, they have a sense of accomplishment.

Hosting a swap party is also a good way to relieve stress through fashion, especially when one would rather be with friends. A swap party is designed for people who want to exchange clothes they no longer wear with other. The only rules to this party is that the clothes need to be unwanted, but in good condition. It will be surprising for people to see how many clothes they can leave with. Light refreshments will help turn this event into a party.

Attending fashion weeks will also help people relieve stress and become ahead in the fashion world. New York Fashion Week is a dream place for any fashion lover to attend. However, the tickets can be very expensive. For this reason, people should attend a fashion week in their cities. The Pittsburgh Fashion Week will start on Sept. 26 and end on Oct. 1. The tickets for the event are inexpensive. In addition, anyone can volunteer to help. The fact that Pittsburgh Fashion Week is new, the creator and vendors are always looking for volunteers, models, and local designers.

When people are not busy, they can turn the negative energy into something positive by creating a fashion blog to show the world their personal style. They can even set it to private to keep it as a personal fashion diary. It is a great way for people to make a name for themselves becaus fashion blogs are taking over the industry.

If designing is something one would rather try, he or she should enroll in a sewing class, which tend to be free or inexpensive. He or she will be able to gain a new skill and relieve stress.

All of these ideas are meant to be fun and torelieve stress. People should never take fashion too seriously because it is not the ennemy. People should stay true and fashionable while trying to relieve unneeded stress.