RMU’s own renaissance and Elizabeth Benigni

The art world continues to take Robert Morris University (RMU) by storm.  It has brought a few new clubs on campus, such as the revamped Musicians Association, Intensity Slam Poetry Team, and the Photography Club.

This has gotten a lot of student artists to talk about the revolution here at RMU. Among these students is Elizabeth Benigni, who is an officer and a founding member of the Intensity Slam Poetry Team.

A junior majoring in Communication and English Studies, Benigni is a very active student on campus. She is a FYSP Mentor, an English tutor, the Vice President of Service for Alpha Phi Omega Co Ed Service Fraternity, and the Treasurer of the RMU chapter of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. However, Benigni considers herself a writer.

“I first began writing short stories when I was about five,” she explained. “I would sit in my kitchen and write on a typewriter.”

Benigni also talks about the time when she discovered the art of poetry.

“When I was in eighth grade, I started to write poetry, and got some poems published,” she said. “I loved poetry and at that time my friend died and I needed an outlet for my emotions. Poetry was a great way to release emotions.”

Benigni performed poetry in front of an audience for the first time in seventh grade.

“I would never perform my original work,” explained Benigni.  “In eighth grade, I started to perform my own poems. I just recently performed at open mic night here at RMU.”

Being a member of the Intensity Spoken Word Team, Benigni gives insight on the club.

“Intensity is a great experience,” she says. “Intensity is a team of spoken word artists, but when it comes down to it we are really a family. Intensity is a family.”

“I feel comfortable performing my writing and being critiqued,” she added. “Intensity isn’t about who is best, it’s about helping one another improve our skill.”

While she has many, Benigni’s greatest strength may be her ability to get her point across to others.

“I can use my words to make others see what I want them to see when I perform,” she said.

“As a writer there is always room for improvement,” she added. “Being a writer isn’t something that you can perfect and then call it a day. Writing is ever changing and there is always a need for creativity. As a writer we need to be willing and able to adapt to all the changes.”

Like many students, she is now revamping her own talents, and along with other students, is helping other artists find their place on campus.

“Intensity has so much going on,” she said about the club. “We are having a showcase on March 21. It’s like our grand opening to campus. We are also performing at the international dinner on the 29.”

Benigni, along with the members of The Intensity Spoken Word Team, will be performing Wednesday March 21, 2012 at 7 p.m. in the RMU Television Studio for their first showcase.

It is official RMU’s own artistic renaissance has begun and only time will tell where it goes next.