Style Myths Gone for Good

Growing up, everyone has heard of ‘style myths’ from either their grandmother or another woman in their life. The first that comes to everyone’s mind is not to wear white after Labor Day.  This myth is probably one of the oldest ones known, and surprisingly it still has faithful believers.


As time changes, people are becoming more confident with their outfit choice rather than society’s ideal choice for them. Wearing white after Labor Day is fine as long as one is careful with his or her fabric choices. For instance, one should wear more knitted white clothes instead of light weight fabrics like linen. A white winter coat is also a great addition to one’s wardrobe. Cream is also a great choice for people although it is not pure white. It is a neutral color, which allows people to wear it with everything.


There is nothing wrong with mixing colors. Two colors in particular for this are navy and black. People assume that these colors don’t belong together, when in fact they are perfect for each other because of their neutrality. Wearing a navy top with a black skirt is a very stylish look. Another color combination that people appear to despise is brown and black. Just like navy and black, these two colors are neutrals. Brown boots with black pants look modern together. Sometimes people can even find clothes with the colors already combined.


Style myths do not only address clothing, but jewelry as well. Some people live by the rule that gold and silver should not be mixed when, in fact, they make a good combination. People never have to worry about which jewelry looks better. Something else that is considered a myth now is that, people shouldn’t wear silver shoes in the daytime. This rule can be broken as long as one still dresses for the daytime.

Sometimes, people follow fashion myths without even realizing it. For instance, they match every item of clothing. This actually causes their outfit to look boring. It is acceptable for people not to match their shoes to their purse or their belt.

The important lesson is to mix things up. For instance, one should put together colors that wouldn’t think worked, such as red and pink. Sometimes, with fashion one must think outside of the box and break rules to figure out what works for him or her. What works for some people may not work for others. The number one thing to remember with fashion is to always stay true to oneself. It is quite for one to like something that others don’t. The fashion industry changes all the time and people could easily get lost in it.

Having a personal style is the first start in staying true to oneself. People shouldn’t let the changes of trends get them down. Trends are just trends, and only last for a short period of time. Therefore, people shouldn’t be trend followers, but trend setters because fashion is a form of art. People need to be creative with it, and need to not let one ‘rule’ determine what they like on their body.

When people meet for the first time, they look at one another’s sense of style to have an idea of who you are. While it is unfair, it happens. Therefore, one should express him or herself through his or her clothing choice, and should leave those myths in the past. People should just have fun experimenting and being themselves. People need to realize that some rules are meant to be broken.