The Fred Rogers Company~An Every Day Hero

“You rarely have time for everything you want in this life, so you need to make choices. And hopefully your choices can come from a deep sense of who you are.” ~Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers was a man with a purpose.  He brought joy to others around him, especially children through his television show on PBS “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.”  The show aired weekdays beginning in 1967 and ran for nearly forty years.

“Television is all about coveting, but Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood  is about appreciating what you already have, about caring for others and seeing the best in them,”   TV Guide commented.

“Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” was a “feel good” TV show and one that parents would easily approve.

“Fred Rogers is a teacher…And what’s so important about what Fred Rogers does on television is that it is unlike anything else on television. There is nothing else…no one else like him.” remarked well known American writer David McCullough.

Rogers had a unique way of reaching children through his television show, and he dedicated his life to “serving children.”  Perhaps Rogers could be considered an “every day hero” by the way he touched children’s lives on his television show daily.  He received honors including induction into the Television Hall of Fame and The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Rogers founded Family Communications, Inc. in 1971.  He acknowledged issues outside of his television program that he could assist with involving parents facing difficult decisions, such as children facing illnesses, and professionals wanting to make their work with children more meaningful.  To this day, The Fred Roger’s Company continues his legacy, supporting the broadcast of his show and continually expanding his efforts to help children, families, and those in needs.

Fred Rogers left a legacy behind. He became a “PBS Icon,” and his influence has gone far beyond children’s television programming. He still pops up in the media or news to this day. What has made him so relevant is that he has impacted many different fields—Music, Composition, TV production, Ministry, and lifelong studies in Child Development. He was known as a gifted “communicator,” and he was able to “tie all of those elements together.”  His perhaps biggest accomplishment was turning complex “child development theories” into understandable, life lessons that everyone or a general audience could understand.

At The Fred Roger’s Company, there is a plethora of wondrous television programs, books, writings, interviews, and speeches. The Fred Rogers Company has worked closely with him over the past two or three decades.  They continue to expand into new areas as new technology develops, always remembering the values and goals of their founder.

The Fred Rogers Company is an organization that focuses on enriching children’s lives.  Rogers touched many through his television program and his personality.  Above all, Fred Rogers stood for service to others and his commitment to bringing out the best in those around him.  He was known as an “every day” hero that children recognize and fondly remember watching on television growing up.