In’s and Out’s of College Fashion


Samantha Sektnan

For many college students, the decision of what to wear is important because it is an expression of one’s individuality and personality. Whether you are aware of it or not, what you wear can impact how others see you and the impressions that they have of you. For those that would like to learn what are the current trends in college fashion, this is the perfect list for you. Included below are fifteen fashion trends that are either in or out of style for college students.

In: Plaid

Plaid is a great print for college students to wear. Not only does it give a relaxed fit, but they also look nice on a shirt or coat. Just throw on a plaid shirt and a student will fit right in on campus.

Out: Camouflage

Camouflage may be a useful print to wear for hunting, but not so much in the classroom. Most students prefer to stick to less bold fashion statements than wearing big green prints of camouflage in their apparel.

In: Infinity scarves

For those who are not aware, infinity scarves are connected on all sides and wrap around one’s neck, just like a necklace. Not only do infinity scarves provide the perfect fashion statement for an outfit, but they can also keep you warm during the cold Pennsylvania weather.

Out: Ponchos

You may have worn a poncho as a child, but they are not so fashionable in today’s time and era. Ponchos had their time in the world of fashion, but that time is now in the past.

In: Jeggings

Jeggings have become a popular trend for women in college. Essentially, jeggings are described as looking like jeans, but they have thin and comfortable fabric, like what you would experience with leggings. Because they look like jeans but feel like leggings, these are a flattering option for any women that wants to look good while feeling good.

Out: Leggings

Although a popular trend for women in college, wearing leggings can be unflattering when worn as pants, although some exceptions to this rule apply. With dresses and tunic shirts, leggings are acceptable choices to be worn with them. When it comes to crop tops or any shirt that doesn’t cover your bum, avoid wearing leggings or risk showing too much skin.

In: Men’s style

For the women that love the look and style of their man’s clothes, men’s style fashion is now available. Three styles taken from the boys include boyfriend jeans, blazers, sneakers, and button-down dress shirts.

Out: Boyfriend’s clothes

Women should avoid borrowing their boyfriend’s clothes and wearing them outside of their room. Not only are these clothes not suited for a woman’s body, but it is no longer an attractive quality to wear your partner’s clothes for others to see.

In: Chinos

For most men, chinos are the most attractive type of shorts to wear. When the weather permits for shorts, chinos are a great option for a laid back feel or a slightly professional look with a button-down shirt. Good alternatives to chinos are gym shorts and khakis, although these choices should be avoided for professional attire.

Out: Jorts

Men should avoid wearing jean shorts (jorts) at all costs. The majority of the time, jorts are way too tiny and tight to be acceptable for men. Although women can usually pull them off, be careful showing too much skin in the classroom.

In: Timberland boots

If you’ve seen the Timberland boots, then you know that they are a practical shoe that will look good while you’re hiking, working, or even going to school. Although made popular by men, women styles are now available. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on the Timberland boots, affordable replicas of these boots can be found through online sites Amazon, Tilly’s, and Boohoo.

Out: UGG boots

Although UGG boots used to be all the rage in women’s fashion, this is no longer the case. With their expensive price tag and bulky size, it seems that UGGs are on the out for the time being.

In: Beanies

Although beanies were originally made popular by men, beanies are now a popular trend for men and women alike. Not only do they look good for a relaxed style, but they are also very comfy and easily can hide a bad hair day.

Out: Fedoras

Although more commonly worn by women in the present time, fedoras were once worn by many men in the twentieth century. Nowadays, fedoras are no longer a fashionable hat in college, as well as not very practical.

In: Be yourself

Men and women alike should wear what makes them feel most comfortable. Although this article includes what is in and out for college fashion, keep in mind that this is an opinion article and this list does not have to apply to everyone. As long as college students wear what makes them feel good about themselves, it shouldn’t matter whether it is a current trend or not.