Nintendo’s Nindies Showcase Recap (3/20)


Scott Mcdanel, Contributor

Nintendo of America hosted their spring Nindies Showcase on March 20th, giving the stage to the new indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Highlights included:

  • Studio MDHR’s “Cuphead” will be receiving a Nintendo Switch port on April 18. New features will include a playable Mugman mode for single player and fully animated cut scenes. These changes will also be available on PC, Mac and Xbox One versions of the game through a free update on the same day.
  • “Cadence of Hyrule,” a crossover between indie studio Brace Yourself Games’ “Crypt of the Necrodancer” and Nintendo’s “Legend of Zelda,” will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this spring. The game will feature rhythm-based rogue-like combat, using remixes from “The Legend of Zelda” series. It will also feature Link and Zelda from “The Legend of Zelda” as playable characters.
  • “Psychonauts” and “Brütal Legend” creator Double Fine Productions unveiled their newest property “RAD.” The game stars a young teenager swinging a baseball bat in a nuclear wasteland. Featuring top-down hack-‘n-slash game play, mutation abilities and a 80’s aesthetic, “RAD” will arrive on both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this summer.
  • Inti Creates announced “Master Blaster Zero 2,” a sequel to their remaster of Sunsoft’s “Master Blaster.” The Sophia Vehicle now features a system that lets players convert shock damage into energy, which can be used for various special attacks. The main character, Jason, can now also counter enemy attacks. With more to explore and multiple new planets, these upgrades will prove vital to players. “Master Blaster Zero 2” released right after the live stream.
  • Vlambeer announced that both “Super Crate Box” and “Nuclear Throne” would also be coming to Nintendo Switch, with “Super Crate Box” releasing later this summer and ‘Nuclear Throne” releasing after the live stream.
  • Devolver Digital-published “Katana ZERO” has players play as “The Dragon,” a time manipulating mercenary able to eliminate his foes in one hit. The game features stylish hack-‘n-slash game play, forcing players to predict the next move of foes if they want to survive. “Katana ZERO” arrives on Nintendo Switch April 18.
  • “Creature in the Well” is a top-down action-adventure game that features hack-‘n-slash game play with a pinball twist. As the last engineer, players are tasked use 15 different weapons to whack balls of light to attack foes or solve puzzles. “Creature in the Well” will release this summer.
  • Mr. Wolf in studio Papercult’s “Bloodroots” has nothing to his name but anger and a wolf’s pelt for a hat. Determined to enact his revenge against those who wronged him, players must use literally anything in their environment to pull off combos. From ladders, hatchets, trees and even carrots, there is no shortage of “weapons” for players to use. “Bloodroots” comes to Nintendo Switch this summer.
  • The “Stranger Things: Season 3” tie-in game will release on July 4, the same day the new season of the show premieres.