Annual team scavenger hunt leads to day of bonding

Before hitting the road this past weekend, the Robert Morris University ACHA Division I hockey team took to the streets of Pittsburgh for their annual team scavenger hunt.

The group was broken into teams based on their lines and the guys were given four hours to complete a total of 18 clues that were located throughout the city.

“Not being from Pittsburgh, getting to know about the Market District a little more is pretty cool lots of food and lots of things to do down there, that’s a neat part,” said forward Wes Heinle.

Each team had to follow two simple rules, they couldn’t drive and every team member had to be in there location picture. When the teams made it to a location, they were required to take a team photo as proof.

The groups started in Theater Square at 10 A.M., and from there, they made their way to several popular locations in the Steel City, such as the North Shore, the inclines, Southside, Consol Energy Center, the Strip District and Point State Park.

One of the popular stops was the 40-foot duck that’s been anchored at Point State Park for the last few weeks.

Team Tendy, which was made up by  Jeffery Siwik, Ryan Gayso, Sean Scannell, Alex Blum, and Ryan Fuchs were able to gather a large crowd of duck observers to partake in their picture.

Assistant coach Brad Stolze was part of the crowd as well, who was monitoring the players and the hunt.

The duck was a popular clue for most of the team but several others enjoyed the pit stop in the Strip District, including sophomore forward Andrew Lister.

“I think the clue was the Italian Mayor, and it was a guy with an unlit cigar in him mouth, he was pretty cool,” he said. “That was probably my favorite.”

Eighteen clues to solve in four hours in a city like Pittsburgh, especially for some of the guys who aren’t local, was especially difficult.

“The goalie group had an advantage,” stated junior forward Wes Heinle. “They had a bunch of kids who were local, so they definitely had an advantage, I think they ended up being the best group of them all.”

Not only did Team Tendy benefit from having several local players, for their creativity was also a factor. Their group picture with the duck would later be used as a tie-breaker leading them to victory of the first ever Scavy Cup.

The cup was made by head coach Mike Joseph’s daughter.

“We decided since we won it we would put in in our corner of the locker room, for everyone to see,” Fuchs said about the Scavy Cup victory.

The Scavy Cup wasn’t the only thing Team Tendy and the others walked away with. For everyone, the day was their first organized team bonding event of the season.

“I think it brought everyone together, I think it was good for team bonding, especially for some of the guys that are new, they really got to know everybody, they kind of got to gel with them and hang out with them for a day,” Fuchs said. “I think stuff like that is what’s paying off this season and why we’re playing so well.”