President Bill Clinton delivered; Mitt Romney needs to be worried


Anthony Moretti, RMU Journalism Professor

President Bill Clinton is the best political orator of this generation and perhaps of any generation.

On Wednesday night, he delivered again for the Democratic Party.

Because he did, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will wake up Thursday morning with an even tougher task as he seeks to replace Barack Obama as President of the United States.

Mixing seriousness with humility and tough talk with humor, Mr. Clinton attacked the policies being pursued by Mr. Romney and his party. He also exposed what he believes is the hypocrisy of the GOP.

Speaking for more than 45 minutes and many times going off script, Mr. Clinton argued that the United States needs another four years of President Obama in order to recover economically, improve the lives of the middle class, strengthen healthcare and other health-related programs, and ensure the rights of women.

One week ago, Mr. Romney accepted his party’s nomination for president and proceeded to give a speech heavy with Republican rhetoric but light on policy specifics. That approach left the door wide open for a Democrat to pick him apart.

Bill Clinton walked in, looked around and tossed the furniture all over the place. The carefully laid Romney Room is now in shambles.

No, Mr. Clinton did not lay out a substantive analysis of what President Obama will do over the next four years; but that was not his job. Mr. Obama must do that for himself and that has to take place Thursday night when he accepts the Democratic Party nomination.

However, on Wednesday night, Mr. Clinton reminded Americans once again why he can leave them spellbound and in his corner. Now, he hopes they will be in Mr. Obama’s corner.