‘Round about Pittsburgh: Fort Pitt Block House turns 250


Visit www.fortpittblockhouse.com for more information regarding the Fort Pitt Block House and its 250 anniversary celebration.

Pittsburgh is known as the Golden Triangle because of the land the city sits on.  It is at the famous ‘Point’ where travelers coming out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel see the signature fountain, the city skyline, and two rivers that meet to form one.

The name given to the Fort Pitt Tunnel is to honor the British Fort called Fort Pitt that used to stand near Pittsburgh’s ‘Point.’  Today the area is called Point State Park and serves as a public recreation, gathering area, and historic reminder of Pittsburgh and our country’s history.

250 years later the site is home to the oldest structure in Pittsburgh.  The Fort Pitt Block House built in 1764 is a small structures located near the Fort Pitt Museum at Point State Park.  The Fort Pitt Block House is the only surviving structure of Fort Pitt.  Originally constructed to help defend the fort from Native American attacks, the Bock House was later used as a trading post and residence.

In 2014, the Fort Pitt Block House will celebrate its 250 birthday.  Although the structure is small, restoration and preservation work by the Fort Pitt Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution has been successful since 1892. The organization was established after Mary Schenley (the same women Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park is named for), donated the structure to preserve and protect its historic value for future generations.

Upon entering the Fort Pitt Block House today, visitors will learn a lot of history about the era, the building, the French & Indian War, and the beginnings of Pittsburgh.  The artifacts, and displays inside will amaze visitors.  A tour of downtown Pittsburgh is incomplete without a visit to the Fort Pitt Block House.

And what an amazing structure it is.  The Fort Pitt Block may be the oldest and most out of date structure in Pittsburgh, however it stands gracefully on land that has a significant part in our city and country’s history.


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