NFL Picks, Week 7

Before I get to my picks, I thought of some good tips for fans who have a miserable team, need something to do on commercials, or just have trouble focusing on a football game, because as my dad always complained when I was younger, “How do they expect me to watch a whole game when there’s a break after a touchdown, a break after the ensuing kickoff, and then a break after almost every drive ends?”

Food – Nothing can keep people distracted, entertained, and happy like an impromptu three-minute hot wing eating contest.

“Best of Will Ferrell SNL” DVD’s – Because some of those skits can make you laugh even when it’s 40-0 on the other screen.

Another Game – Except for halftime, there’s almost no instance of every game in a specific time slot being on break.

Lawn Games – Don’t ask me, because I am clueless about why, but throwing small sacks of corn, hardened plastic washers, and the oddest looking “darts” at other brightly colored things is wildly entertaining, especially during football season. For added fun, play inside in direct proximity to the luxury 50-inch flatscreen your household recently purchased.

Another 9-6 week puts my record at 54-38, good enough to beat only two ESPN experts. But for all of you who either love the commercials, make your hot dog runs as soon as the words “TV Timeout” are said on-screen, or alternate your attention between third down and “Celebrity Jeopardy”, here are my weekly picks.

Seattle over Arizona

Atlanta over Tampa Bay

Detroit over Cincinnati

Miami over Buffalo

New England over New York Jets

Philadelphia over Dallas

Chicago over Washington

Carolina over St. Louis

San Diego over Jacksonville (Let the record show that this is the closest I have come to picking Jacksonville in any game except vs. the Raiders)

San Francisco over Tennessee

Green Bay over Cleveland

Kansas City over Houston

Pittsburgh over Baltimore

Denver over Indianapolis

New York Giants over Minnesota

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, upcoming week, and Halloween!

God Bless!

– Dan