New AutoZone being built on University Boulevard

Kristin Garrard, Moon News Cloud Contributor

The site on University Boulevard that used to be home to the Trivia Pub is soon to be the location of a new AutoZone store.

Recognizing the number of auto-related stores on that part of the boulevard, at least some Moon residents were hoping for something else.

“I was kind of hoping for a new and good restaurant to eat at,” said Moon resident Ryan Mastilak.  “There isn’t that many options of restaurants anymore, so I usually end up eating in Robinson.”

Mastilak wants to see Moon become more a popular hangout for college students and residents.

Residents’ concerns about the transformation of University Boulevard are on the minds of Moon Township’s governmental leaders.

“It is not my position to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to AutoZone but rather if it is permitted to built in the designated area,” Moon Township’s manager Jeanne Creese said.

Creese acknowledges that at times new development and popular sentiment don’t always match.

The construction of the AutoZone is coming along, but the harsh weather has delayed construction this past week and prohibited workers from building.  A thick layer of snow covers the construction site, though the Spring 2014 hasn’t been delayed.

A plus side of the new AutoZone for disappointed residents and students is the sidewalk that has to be put into place, which was a concern for pedestrians who typically walk on University Boulevard.