RMU announces cancellation of all 2021 FLEAPs amid worldwide COVID-19 surge


Photo Credit: RMU Sentry Media

MOON TOWNSHIP — Robert Morris University has announced that all Faculty-Led Education Abroad Programs, also referred to as FLEAPs, have been cancelled and the courses will not take place in the 2021 academic year.

In an email sent on Monday afternoon, the news was delivered to students enrolled in the Spring 2021 programs that the trips would be cancelled. The email explains that the rising COVID-19 cases worldwide, as well as the uncertainty of where the state of the pandemic would be in the spring, contributed to the cancellation.

“We understand that this is very disappointing news, however, the safety of our students and faculty is our main priority,” Creamer said. “The CGE looks forward to supporting your study abroad experience in the future.”

This announcement comes earlier than expected to give students ample time to make new arrangements for the Spring 2021 semester. All payments made for the trips, including registration deposits, will be refunded to students in the near future.