Meet magisterial district judge candidate Corrie Woods


Photo Credit: (Corrie Woods)

Adelyn Berdine, Contributor

CORAOPOLIS – Corrie Woods may sound like a familiar name if you live in the Coraopolis, Crescent, Moon or Neville communities. Woods is running for Magisterial District Judge.

Woods and his wife, Ashley, who works as his campaign manager, held an event for the public to meet and chat with Corrie. This took place at Anchor and Anvil Coffee Bar, where they offered free coffee and snacks to those who attended. Invites were sent out to 2,000 of the most active voters, but all were welcome.

Community members had the opportunity to sign a petition to get Woods on the ballot. Attendees were also able to sign up to volunteer for actions such as putting signs in their yards or going door to door and asking for people to sign the petition.

Woods said, “I want to show people the value of citizenship.” His campaign is solely powered by donations and volunteers, which follows his vision. Ashley Woods stated, “We want to make sure ordinary people are in power of the campaign, not political insiders.”

The goal of the event was for community members to get to know Corrie and to discuss his plans of action. Woods broke down his campaign actions into four pieces, including that he is not seeking any political group endorsements, not taking any money from political parties, agreeing to serve a single term and agreeing to not seek another office while in this one.

Woods said, “When a candidate decides to focus on ordinary people, ordinary people respond.”

Corrie Woods plans to continue going door-to-door to speak directly with community members to prove he is a candidate that is for the people.

More information can be found on his Facebook page.

Donations can be made on his website