Former Congressman Keith Rothfus visits RMU


Photo Credit: (RMU Sentry Media: Gabriella Rankin)

Michael Delehanty, Contributor

MOON TOWNSHIP – Former Congressman Keith Rothfus visited RMU for an event hosted by the College Republicans.

Rothfus, a native of New York, talked to a large group of students in Hopwood Hall on the evening of Feb. 12 about his decision to run for Congress, a number of issues he focused on while in Congress as well as the state of the government and what should be done about it.

“I was always your classic, introverted nerd, always in the books,” Rothfus said. “I never thought that I would run for Congress.”

Rothfus made the decision to run in 2009, as he saw a number of issues, specifically issues with the national debt. Rothfus won the election in 2012, however, he wishes that election night would’ve turned out differently.

“When I won and Romney lost, I was humbled, but disappointed,” Rothfus admitted. “I would’ve gladly traded my election for his.”

The former attorney also talked to prospective law school students and tried to convince them not to go to law school, but to work part time with something related to law and work to get up the ladder.

Rothfus served three terms, but lost in 2018 due to redistricting because of gerrymandering. He now lives in Sewickley with this wife and six children. He is currently working on a book reflecting on his time in Congress.