RMU 100: Moving to Moon


Michael Delehanty, Assistant News Editor

MOON TOWNSHIP — The Moon Township location of Robert Morris University is one of the most unique campuses in the Pittsburgh area.

A rural environment close to the city, the campus differentiates itself from others in the area by its quiet lifestyle next to a major city. Bobby Mo didn’t do this by accident, like a trip to the past will show their desire for a quiet campus.

The 1960s would be a huge decade for Robert Morris, as their westward expansion would lead them to obtain the land that became the Moon Township campus. The land would be obtained from Oliver Kaufmann, the owner of the iconic Kaufmann’s department store in downtown Pittsburgh.

“The Kaufmanns were the department store family and they owned this big farm in Moon Township,” said Dr. John Locke, Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development at Robert Morris University. “Mr. Kaufmann sold his farm to the Robert Morris Junior College, which was in Downtown Pittsburgh. They wanted to open up a west campus.”

The Franklin Center, which sits in the middle of campus, would become the first building erected on this newly purchased land. Three residency halls would follow soon after, creating a spot for those to live while they learned.

Later that decade, the state would finally allow RMU to award associate degrees. In 1969, Robert Morris Junior College would become Robert Morris College as they would offer Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration.

There is still so much history to highlight over the course of this year. Stay with RMU Sentry Media as we continue to take you through this journey of this beloved school.