RMU 100: The Business School


MOON TOWNSHIP – The School of Business at Robert Morris University is arguably one of the biggest schools here on campus. It is, after all, what the school was originally founded on.

We’ve covered the history of the school. Now it’s time to take a deeper dive into the individual schools themselves that make up Robert Morris University.

The School of Business is comprised of several concentrations. They include Marketing, Finance, Sports Management, Accounting, Management, and Hospitality and Tourism. There are also several certificates and graduate programs within the school.

The school is headed by Dean Michelle Patrick. Dean Patrick has had a solid background in studying business, along with working in the educational field.

Along with Dean Patrick, the School of Business is full of professors who have professional experience working in their field of study. It is guaranteed that students get the best education from those who have worked in this prestigious field.

The School of Business also hosts several big events throughout the semesters. Recently, on March 30, there was the Integrity First Workshop. Coming up, on June 21, will be the RMU Summer CRE Program.

There is still so much more to cover about this beloved school. Stay tuned to RMU Sentry Media for more RMU 100.