Bringing Hope Home hosts 5K color run at Robert Morris University


Bring Hope Home Hosts fifth annual Color Run at Robert Morris University. Photo Credit: (RMU Sentry Media/ Soundharjya Babu)

Soundharjya Babu, Assistant News Editor

MOON TOWNSHIP – The RMU campus turned colorful over the weekend to help raise money for families in Pittsburgh.

RMU teamed up with the organization Bringing Hope Home to host the fifth annual 5K Color Run on Saturday. The event brought dozens of people together to raise money which would support families affected by cancer.

Funds raised during the Color Run would go towards household bills for the families, such as electric, water and heating bills. Bringing Hope Home strives to provide both financial and emotional support for the local community.

“Through the payment of the bills, it eases the process of families paying their medical bills, so it takes the stress off of them,” explained William Kluth, president of Bringing Hope Home. “That’s why we’re out here today, raising money for that cause.”

Starting with registration in the Nicholson Center front lawn, runners and volunteers donated money to support the cause, while also warming up for the long run ahead.

Before the event started it had already raised around $320, halfway to the $500 goal. Kluth felt confident about the amount raised for the organization.

“It has been our most successful event I would say throughout the club’s tenure here,” said Kluth.

As people finished warming up, the route around campus was explained to the runners. It involved running two laps around campus, including the business school.

The run started at 1 p.m. and was led by Tyler Slaney, one of the founders of the RMU Cross Country and Track club.

“I got contacted by Bringing Hope Home because I’m one of the starting founders of the RMU Cross Country and Track Club and I signed up,” said Slaney. “It’s for a good cause, I get to have a good workout and I get to donate money.”

Various color stations were set up throughout the route, where volunteers threw powdered color at passing runners. Volunteers also helped runners find their way through the route and keep them on track to avoid getting lost.

In a campus full of hills, it was a tiring but rewarding run for Tyler Slaney.

“Personally, it was rough over by the business school, but it was a fun time,” said Slaney. “It was a really well put together event. I didn’t get lost like the first freshman race they held here. I think they did a good job at directing everybody and I’ll definitely be back here next year.”

Runners crossed the finish line when they came full circle, back to the Nicholson Center front lawn. People took pictures and threw powdered color at the finish line to celebrate the 5K run.