RMU increases cost of attendance 3.99 percent for 2016-17 year

Brittany Mayer, Assistant News Editor

On March 14, an email was sent to inform all students by Jonathan Potts, director of presidential communications, about the increase of tuition and housing in the 2016-17 academic year.

For the 2015-16 academic year, the tuition fee was $26,330 and the room and board fee is $10,440. Due to RMU being a private institution, the tuition rates are what pay for the upkeep and repairs for the campus. The RMU Board of Trustees have come to an agreement on the new budget where the tuition cost will be $28,200, while room and board increases to $10,910. This equals a total of a 3.99 percent for the upcoming semester.

“I understand it’s a small increase for tuition, and there are some expenses that can’t be controlled, “ said freshman Charles Stockhausen, “but they (the university) is** still putting money into things they shouldn’t.”

According to the email sent to students, “(W)e (the board) do take steps to lower the financial burden on our students. For one, we seek donations from alumni, foundations, corporations, and other charitable organizations.” This, however, has not been enough to cover the cost of maintaining buildings, sidewalks, healthcare, and other utilities provided.

“It’s not really shocking, “ said junior, Lauren Knepp, “All universities raise tuition. It happened last year and now again this year, so I’m not surprised.”

The university discussed the fact that this could cause problems for students. The email suggests contacting the Office of Financial Aid at 412-397-6250. Also mentioned was the fact that students who take up to six credits can live for free during the summer semester. The date for registering for the summer semester begins March 21 and is done on a first-come first-serve basis.