RMU to offer physically distanced classes and online options for fall semester

Online or in-person: it’s up to students.


Photo Credit: RMU Sentry Media

Garret Roberts, Editor in Chief

MOON TOWNSHIP — As the debate about returning to schools continues across the country, Robert Morris University has announced their format to allow students to learn in an environment where they are most comfortable.

In the plan released to students on Friday morning, the university shared more details about the changes in learning due to COVID-19 restrictions. The plan promises students a return to campus, which will be providing both online and physical classes to attend.

Under this new style of learning, students will have the option to take online versions of their courses, even if they are residing on campus. The university says that a “sufficient” amount of their classes will be made available in both formats, allowing students to go fully online, on-ground or attend a mix of the two formats.

A students decision on their preferred style of learning will not affect financial aid packages or their tuition rates. Additionally, academic support is being reformatted to allow students anywhere to access their programs.

Some of the larger classes on campus have already been moved to an online format to accommodate for social distancing requirements. Due to space restrictions, some classes would be unable to meet in person during the fall.

“This was necessary to ensure that classroom space was available to deliver other courses in a physically distanced manner,” the university said in the email. “It is our intent that all students desiring classroom instruction in the fall have the opportunity to experience as many of their classes as possible in that format, while properly addressing health concerns and maximizing safety.”

Students are encouraged to not change their schedules until early August to ensure that all of the options are available. Those interested in changing a class can contact their contact their Success Coach or Academic Department Head.

The full plan for operational changes for in person classes will be available in early August. Follow RMU Sentry Media for updates on this story.