Snow Filled Weekend

Sierra Baker

A winter weather advisory from the National Weather Service has issued a warning stating that at Friday at 4 p.m. to Saturday at 7 p.m. is when the winter storm will take place in our area, causing unsafe driving conditions. While some people may find this weather troubling, because of the potentially hazardous circumstances, most students on campus have found other ways to take advantage of the snowy weather.

“The only benefit to this storm would be snowboarding.” Said Alex Horvath, a first year resident of RMU, when asked about his weekend plans.

Sam Lindgren, a campus resident, said “I plan on going sledding with my friends.”

When both students were asked about how they battle the frigid temperatures when traveling across campus, they both responded with “layering up.”

The students who commute in the mornings reported that the travel times to RMU increased about ten minutes on average because of the black ice and limited visibility.

Keep in mind that the roads will most likely be slippery, so create extra time to get to your destination by leaving earlier. It’s extremely important to drive slow when conditions become dangerous, especially this weekend if you get caught in the storm.