11/11/11: Time to make an epic wish

Today is the day we have all been waiting for this year! It is 11/11/11, and the world’s greatest wish is set to occur at 11:11.

The symbolism of the world’s greatest wish is based on spirituality. The numbers 1,234, 1,111, 1,212, 3,456, etc. are symbols that “spiritual guardians” are around us.

These spirits, also known as Midwayers, are good spirits and are supposed to help you get your wish that you wish for at the certain time, or on that certain day.

When you catch the clock or remember that it is one of these certain days or times of the year, it is because our “spiritual guardians” are around, trying to help you.

You cannot see them, but they can impact your life.

Today’s date is to be the “world’s greatest wish” day, since the number one repeats itself over and over.

Start thinking of your big wish; the spiritual guardians can only grant you one! Many of you may have already been invited via Facebook, but I would like to further extend an invitation for everyone everywhere to take part in this wishing process.

Many people think bad things will happen, but others just want one big wish to come true.

“I think it is a hoax. What happened on 10/10/10?  Nothing,” said RMU student Anthony Cascino.

Others remain skeptical.

“I’m skeptical, but I plan to make a great wish,” said Derek Khazraie.

There are believers and non-believers alike.

“Although the event has major implications of truth, and I myself will probably participate in the ritual, I am weary of the outcome,” stated Justin Bucci.

Be ready for when the time 11:11 rolls around on the clock once in the morning and once in the evening, and remember to make that great wish!