Early Presidential Debates

Heidi Hickle, Staff Writer

With the year 2011 coming to an end, and the year 2012 being a Presidential nomination year, we have begun to see the Republicans coming out of the woodwork and announcing their nomination for the 2012 Presidential elections. Personally, I don’t care. I think the best part about the Presidential elections are the commercials bashing each candidate that are aired during the Super Bowl, because just like every other Super Bowl, the commercials are as memorable as the rest of the game. Since the last election in 2008, the Republican Party has had both male and female politicians announcing their campaign. And like always, there are still others on the political front who refuse to give a yes or no answer to the question of “are you going to run?”

Some of the candidates have thrown in their hats and pulled out already. President Obama’s current approval rating is at a 43 percent, according to CBS news. Still, he has a chance at being re-elected. There are no polls that say that any other candidate running is “more approved of,” and there is no true way to test if someone else’s plan would work better than the current plan.

Everyone should vote, it is an American right to choose to vote or not to vote, but it is exercising your freedom of speech to vote. Being part of the younger generation, some choose not to vote because they feel that their vote and opinion does not matter. The politicians try to direct issues toward this generation, but they have not kept enough promises to make this younger generation feel like it could have helped to stop an issue, or pass an issue. When they do vote to pass issues, it feels like the politicians used them to get elected, and then gave up on the promises they made, only to live out their own dream.

With more and more attention going on daily about the new candidates and what everyone’s plans will be, and where they stand on typical issues, such as abortion, gay rights, and education, I get more and more annoyed. Honestly, I will start listening to the debates in the month of October of next year, right before the election, so that candidates won’t have time to change their mind. Then, I probably will not vote for the leader anyways. But good luck to all candidates, whoever you are.