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Thoughts on the World – Let’s Talk About Illuminati and Today’s World

hear a lot about illuminati nowadays, especially if those who follow the
entertainment industry. Entertainers, such as Jay-Z and Lady Gaga, have
repeatedly been accused of being illuminati practitioners. Even some government
officials are believed to be part of illuminati, known also as the secret

I could not really understand how people
concluded that certain individuals were illuminati practitioners until Jasmine
Tate, a junior here at Robert Morris University, started talking about it in
profound details and referred me to some of the Lady Gaga’s music videos and song
lyrics, especially in the video for “Born This Way.”  She told me to do a Google search, and that’s
what I did. I found a website,, that exclusively focused on
symbolic images and words used in the entertainment industry. On the Vigilant
Citizen website, Lady Gaga’s video for the song, “Born This Way,” was analyzed,
and some rare and powerful symbols were revealed in the video. All the
imageries from the pink triangle to the unicorn have symbolic meaning. Many of
the images were drawn from occult symbols. Therefore, they represent mysterious
and supernatural agencies.

As for Jay-Z, because he almost always wears
black when he is performing, and because his symbolic sign is a triangle, many
people believe that it is deliberate and that he is in fact calling on
supernatural forces while performing.

In addition, many believe that those
entertainers use illuminati only to attract money. It is a way for them to sell
their products.

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I decided to Google the word “illuminati” to
find its official definition.

to, the term illuminati came from the Latin word, illuminatus,
which means enlightened. This word refers to people who are believed to have an
high level of understanding of specific aspects of the world.

As you can see, it has nothing to do with
what is labeled as illuminati today.

I talked to RMU professor Dr. Karshner, and he
explained that illuminati were free thinkers in the medieval period who
believed that nothing should be off limits. They wanted to be free of all
bounds and connect church with science. Contrary to popular belief at that
time, the illuminati did not accept the idea that church and science were
separate entities.

Nonetheless, they were referred to as
practitioners of the dark arts because they were willing to practice anything
that meant breaking barriers, including black magic, alchemy and philosophy. They
believed everything was interconnected.

In accordance with this definition and
understanding of illuminati, those alleged modern time illuminati practitioners
may indeed be part of this other world, or they may not. I think that objective
could play a part in labeling someone as an illuminati practitioner.

If indeed they do practice some form of dark
arts, then they will simply be practitioners of dark arts. That is because
illuminati encompass much more than just dark arts. Moreover, the illuminati
practitioners’ not goal is not to gain a material thing, but to break barriers.

As far as we know, those entertainers could
be just using those powerful images for creative purposes not even knowing
their true meaning, especially in the world where everyone is trying to be


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About the Contributor
Sabine Cherenfant, Opinion Editor
A senior journalism major at Robert Morris University (RMU), Sabine is currently the Opinion Editor and a staff writer for RMU’s student run newspaper, “The Sentry.” Sabine is also the executive vice-president of Lambda Pi Eta , the secretary of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and a member of the Society of Collegiate Journalists and the Honors Program. She is also the current undergraduate assistant for the Council on Institutional Equity at Robert Morris University.

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