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Students experience teaching through Belize

Sabine Cherenfant, Contributing Writer June 20, 2012

It has been three years since Daniel Shelley, professor of education, began taking elementary education students to Belize for an international experience. Belize, a commonwealth  of Great Britain, is the only English- speaking country in central...

RMU mourns the death of Marco Giovengo

Sabine Cherenfant, Staff Writer March 27, 2012

It was around 7 p.m. when students near the apartments and Marshall Hall looked puzzled at the scene of an ambulance and police cars. The Dean of Students, John Michalenko, President Dell'Omo and the Assistant Director of Residence Life, Anne Lahoda,...

Thoughts on the world: Let’s celebrate Irish-American women

Sabine Cherenfant, Opinion Editor March 19, 2012

In March, we not only celebrate women's history but also Irish-American heritage. Indeed, many Americans trace their roots to the Emerald Isle. The U.S. Bureau Census reported that 36.9 million Americans claim to have Irish roots. It is the second...

Thoughts on the world: Turmoil in Syria

Sabine Cherenfant, Opinion Editor February 29, 2012

It has been a few weeks since Syria has been the topic of conversation with Syrian President Bashaar Al-Assad alleged crackdown on protesters against his administration. The city of Homs located in the West side of Syria has been the center of the 2011-2012...

Farewell Whitney Houston

Sabine Cherenfant, Opinion Editor February 13, 2012

“Whitney Houston is dead,” exclaimed Wayne in disbelief. It was almost 9 p.m. on Saturday Feb. 11. We were just wrapping up the men's basketball game, which we were filming, when Wayne made the statement. As shocking as it sounded, I decided to...

Thoughts on the world: Africa is NOT a country


“Africa [is] a country...,” said one of the Republican candidates in a serious debate. That pretty much sums a common lack of understanding of this continent comprised of more than 50 states. Indeed, this continent is one of the most misunderstood...

Thoughts on the world: The cynicism of technology

Sabine Cherenfant, Opinion Editor October 28, 2011

In 2010, Apple decided to launch a unique technological device that not only redefine our daily life but also redefine technology. This slim, flat and rectangular object, weighting less than an average textbook, is a multipurpose tablet that can serve...

Thoughts on the World: Fun à l’Americain

Sabine Cherenfant, Opinion Editor October 15, 2011

The United States has always been viewed as a melting pot subserving cultures around the world. No need to travel across the ocean to find an Egyptian scarf or an Irish claddagh. You may find ethnic materials sometimes even in the most remote town within...

Thoughts on the World: What Do We Consider Beautiful?

Sabine Cherenfant, Opinions Editor September 29, 2011

It is indeed true that we all have our own opinion of what beauty represent to us, but sometimes it feels like we all have an underline agreement on what should be considered beautiful. An article that identified beauty and its component states that...

Thoughts on the World – Let’s Talk About Illuminati and Today’s World

Sabine Cherenfant, Opinions Assistant Editor September 15, 2011

We hear a lot about illuminati nowadays, especially if those who follow the entertainment industry. Entertainers, such as Jay-Z and Lady Gaga, have repeatedly been accused of being illuminati practitioners. Even some government officials are believed...

Thoughts on the World: Cracking down the HIV case

Sabine Cherenfant, Assistant Opinions Editor August 27, 2011

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is indeed the disease that no one wants to talk about. Some will even label it as “loathsome.” Yet, this virus affects more than one million people each year. It was first discovered in the 1980's, but rumor has...

Student Life says its farewell to Laura Schoenfeld

Sabine Cherenfant, Assistant Opinions Editor August 25, 2011

After six years at Robert Morris University, Laura Green Schoenfeld, director of special programs and student community standards, is saying her goodbyes. Sept. 2 will be Schoenfeld's very last day working at RMU. She will be moving to Arizona with...