Thoughts on the world: The cynicism of technology

Sabine Cherenfant, Opinion Editor

In 2010, Apple decided to launch a unique technological device that not only redefine our daily life but also redefine technology.

This slim, flat and rectangular object, weighting less than an average textbook, is a multipurpose tablet that can serve needs from checking your email to teaching your class.

In addition, according to “The Christian Post,” Ipads are now being used in selective restaurants for menu purposes. Instead of having a waiter take your menu and give you your check, you will be able to utilize Ipads to order your food and other entities. The Ipad menus offer exclusive details of what the restaurant offers, including the temperature of the food.

The order, of course, goes directly to the kitchen without the customers needing to interact with a waiter. Essentially, the duty of waiters is being minimized, which reduces the need for many of them in those restaurants utilizing the tablet.

That is great news for the restaurants looking to maximize their profit and bad news for blue collar workers seeking job.

Technology has always been one of the biggest enemies of a common worker. Not only is a worker competing with other workers, he or she always has to keep an eye on what new high-tech machine or device is being implanted in the market.

The possibilities of how the Ipads can be used are inconceivable. How it will change the workforce is a question that no one is capable of presently answering. The Ipads are redefining life the way industrial machines have in the early 1900’s and the internet has in the late 1900’s.

There were other multipurpose devices long before the Ipads, including the Iphones and the blackberries. Yet, the Ipads seemed to have intensified the trend.

This means that those specialized high tech devices, such as the kindle, will, unfortunately, vanish the way others have.

We do not often ask ourselves what will happen to computers. As other devices are furnishing the same resources as computers, one can’t help but wonder if the future of computers is not laying on the line as well. Yet, the computer might become one of those indefinite must-have objects (who knows?).

Unfortunately, we can’t delineate the future. Technology keeps us pivoting from one angle to the next in a matter of a small period of time. What was considered applicable yesterday is simply unsuitable today.

I look at the Ipad and wonder what effect its usefulness will have on the world. How will it redefine the world? Will it only change technology in the United States? Is it even as compelling abroad as it is in the United States?

One of the most significant perspectives of the Ipad is how it is verging this ideal world led by technology that has so many times being depicted in movies and books. This longed cherish dream of having the world at your fingertip has become a reality, but at what cost?

The answer is simple and cynical in itself. It does not matter the cost. The world had always been an ever-changing place. Now that the pace is twice what it was centuries ago, we feel as if we cannot keep up.

Technological devices, such as the Ipads, are simply symbols of how fast the world is going.

All we could do is try to keep up with technology as much as we can. We ought to prepare and familiarize ourselves with any new technological device that pops up in the market. Chances are they will become the necessary tools for our job and our life.

To sum it up, the world is changing fast, and as a result, we cannot fight the inevitable.