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Who’s Been Keeping up with the Kardashians?

  This past week my professor asked us to
choose a medium and analyze it. Basically, we could pick any commercial, TV
show, magazine, movie or song that we would like to write about. It was a no
brainer for me to choose my favorite TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”
As I was doing my analysis I got to thinking about wy people areso obsessed with
the kardashians. Of course they are gorgeous, rich and great entertainers but
so are a lot of other people.

  To me Kim Kardashian is a strong, beautiful,
smart business woman, and she exudes confidence. That is something that I feel
a lot of women should be. Kim is an inspiration for young girls and women all

  She is not the stick thin Barbie doll body
type that the media and celebrities try so desperately hard to be and portray.
She is a woman with curves, and she embraces that. It takes a lot of courage to
be in the spot light when you are not a size zero because people seem to
require women in the media to be skinny.

  Maybe that is why she has gotten so many fans
because of her healthy body image and her love for her curves.

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  When the hit show “keeping up with the
Kardashians” hit the airways on E! Television network, I’m sure a lot of people
were wondering who were these people and why are we so intrigued to watch them??
The show tries to show that the Kardashians are just like everybody
else. They are human, and we then can relate to certain things that they all go

  By getting us to feel like we are somehow
like the Kardashians grabs our attention. We then want to be exactly like them,
and we subconsciously and consciously look for things in the show as little as
the color of nail polish Kim, Kourtney or Khloe is wearing to the type of
cars, homes, phones, clothes, and shoes they show on the show. All of these
“symbols” make up the Kardashian brand.

  When we see them wearing or eating something,
we then want to wear and eat the same thing because we want to be like a
Kardashian, and doing the same thing they do as a way for us to relate or
“become” like a Kardashian.

  It’s one of the many ways that these women
have become so successful. They are able to get their fans to want to be like
them. The producers of the show assume that if you are watching the show it is
because you are a female who loves fashion, glitz and glamour. They believe
that if you watch this show that you value a strong family bond, a rich and
famous lifestyle, and that you agree with strong business women in a male
dominated society.

  I believe that I resemble exactly what the
show wants me to be. I am a female who is very close with my family, believes
in making my own money, and loves the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

  The Kardashians have some kind of magnetic
pull on people because they are so beautiful, and let’s face it, they are
entertaining to watch. “Kudos” to them for becoming famous for their good looks
and family structure because I can speak for a lot of girls when I say we are
definitely keeping up with them.


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