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Aaron Frier

Aaron Frier, Contributor

Aaron is a freshman Management major from New Jersey. He can be found talking about all things A&E especially on Dark Side News!

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“Puss In Boots: The Last Wish” Review

January 18, 2023

On Dec. 21st, 2022, Dreamworks released the newest addition to their pantheon of movies with Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. It has been 11 years since the last feature film in the Shrek franchise, with...

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Fire Emblem: Three Hopes Review

November 3, 2022

Nintendo has always had a history of giving spinoffs to their most popular games. Super Mario often comes to mind with its countless number of sports excursions. In recent years, Nintendo has experimented...

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Wait, Puss in Boots is getting a new movie?

April 6, 2022

On April 22, 2001, the world of cinema (and memes) changed forever when a green ogre burst out from his house in a swamp for the first time. As many have come to know, this ogre was the one and only Shrek. Shrek...

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No Time to Die Review

October 25, 2021

James Bond, 007, has gone through many iterations throughout the years. Legendary actors like Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan have taken the mantle over the years. However, none have done...

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Harry Potter magic awakens at Moon Park

October 4, 2021

MOON TOWNSHIP – Expecto Patronum! In order to perform the spell, one must think of a happy memory. For many Harry Potter fans, a happy memory could be found at the Wizarding Festival in Moon Park on...

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