Get your bang for your meal plan money

Jocelyn Burns

As midterms come to an end, that leaves minimal time left until Christmas break comes around. This is now the time that Robert Morris students come around to finally be conscious of the money they are using on their meal cards. This year, order forms for items to buy with excess money came out Nov. 1. Some students may not even need these forms as they scrape by the end of the semester with the money they have left. Others become burdened with trying to find hundreds of dollars of things to purchase, so they don’t lose that money at the end of the semester.

Hannah Formosa, a sophomore, has used her extra meal plan money to stock up on Propel and Gatorade for the next semester. Formosa also enjoys the fact that she can purchase Velveeta Cups, Pringles and Popcorn.

If you feel that there is no way you can buy enough to spend all your money, one option is to let some friends who are low on cash pick out things they may need. As it gets closer to Christmas season, people are always in the mood to give, so this can be a simple way to give back to your friends without spending a whole lot of money.

This semester there are five different bulk order forms that students can choose from. There are choices that range from snacks like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Nutri-Grain bars to drinks like Pure Leaf Tea and juices. The “Party Pack” form includes two different packs: one includes two pizzas, cookies and a twelve-pack of soda, and the other includes 36 chicken wings, cookies and a twelve-pack of soda. The “Fresh Meat” form is for fresh beef, chicken and pork. The next is for bakery items like cookies, cakes and pies. The final form lets buyers purchase an entire turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

These forms were emailed to students on Nov. 1, or they can be picked up at the register in Romo’s Cafe.