Plenty of puppies play at Moon Park Puppy Parade

Sarah Gabany, Contributor

MOON TOWNSHIP — Located off of Ewing Road in Moon, Moon Park is known to have many events throughout the year to bring the community together. Their annual Puppy Parade took off without a hitch this weekend.

The Puppy Parade was created for all dog lovers to enjoy and for dog owners to bring out their dogs to play with each other and spend the day enjoying the park. The event hosted food trucks, live music, raffles, vendors and attendees were given the opportunity to adopt some pets.

Before entering the event you were welcomed by the barks of dogs. As you entered, there was a food truck with many different human foods such as funnel cake fries, cheeseburgers, French fries, chips, pretzels and even fried green beans.

Sarah Gabany

The dogs on the other hand had puppy ice cream, water and plenty of treats to choose from. After all the dogs and the owners were fed they lined up and paraded around the park as music was played.

However, showing off your cute dog wasn’t the main purpose for the puppy parade. There were rescued animals up for adoption and deserving of a good home, including black, grey and yellow kittens waiting to be adopted. By the end of the parade, they were all given to loving homes.

The black kitten was adopted into a family with two energetic puppies, Gus and Simba. The grey kitten was adopted moments after and her brother, the yellow kitten, was adopted soon after. The woman who adopted the black kitten said she is excited to introduce her to her two other kittens at home. There was also a black lab and another lab mix waiting to be adopted at the booth. Sadly, the two labs are still looking for a loving family.

When the actual parade started all the dogs lined up along the tennis court and made their way through the booths. Along the way they could take breaks for water. Some puppies such as energetic 10 week year old black lab Charolette had issues not being distracted by the other dogs throughout the parade.

John Billigen and Eric Shean from the duo Dos Wreckies. Sarah Gabany

When they were done parading around, the humans enjoyed the rest of the day. Every so often the live band would momentarily stop playing to announce the next winner of door prizes. The band kept the party alive singing classics such as John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and other popular songs. People attending the puppy parade were asked to donate treats, food and any monetary donation to help The Paws Squad, a non-profit that rescues dogs from kill shelters.

Despite the puppy parade coming to an end this year you can still donate to The Paws Squad to help give puppies like these a forever home. The puppy parade will take place again next year around the same time. If you are an animal lover or have a dog of your own, come check it out. For more information about the event please visit the Parks & Recreation website.