Slip into a new winter wardrobe


Photo credit: Katey Ladika

Jocelyn Burns

Unfortunately, the winter season has arrived and is in full swing. Here at RMU, attendees have been lucky that the snow hasn’t hit terribly until just recently, but with the freezing temperatures and the unpleasant weather, we all must switch out our spring wardrobe to a cold season one. Fortunately, this can be an easy switch because many things that are worn in the spring can also be worn this time of year.

In fashion terms, winter means pale skin and dark colors. Not being a big fan of my pale skin but a big fan of dark colors, I find that wearing black is acceptable at any point in the winter. Also, wearing black on black on black is a simple solution when you are not sure what to wear or if your outfit will match. Black jeans and a nice warm sweater can be paired with some black booties to create a warm, comfy and cute outfit.

Just like in spring, maroon and army green are great colors. A sweater in either of these would look great with the black jeans and booties combo. A sweater with cut-out shoulders would also be perfect for this season’s trends, and it’s the perfect way to show some skin while staying warm. A jacket is a must if you plan on going outside at all, so warmth is the most important factor; although, fashion must also be a factor. A nice black jacket could match anything, or an army green jacket matches just as much.

For a casual look, throw on some light or dark wash jeans, riding boots (you can even add boot socks) and a cute flowing long sleeve shirt. This is a casual look that also looks quite dressy without trying too much. A choker that matches your outfit or is just a solid color will keep you up with the current trends.

Winter Fashion 1
Photo credit: Katey Ladika

Another trend that has risen from the dead is turtlenecks. Turtlenecks were in way back when we were children and our mothers wore them, but they are now on-trend and very warm. They can keep your neck warm from the frigid weather while looking stylish. If you’re not comfortable with a full turtleneck, there are also “mock” turtlenecks that are lower than normal. These can be paired with leggings or jeans, booties or riding boots, and a nice long necklace.

An even more casual look can start off with some rain or snow boots. If warmth is an issue, definitely stick with the snow boots; they can be cute and warm. Add leggings, and you can add a crew neck sweatshirt, a cute sweater or just a simple long sleeve shirt. By using the excuse of just trying to stay warm, winter is an opportunity to have lots of options.

Winter Fashion 2
Photo credit: Katey Ladika

When building your wardrobe, remember that essentials for winter include snow boots, cozy sweaters, black jeans and just about anything to keep you warm. Although many people dread the cold weather, use it as a new season to change up your closet.