Spinning Jenny and The Silencers to perform at the Hard Rock Cafe


Garret Roberts, Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor

PITTSBURGH — Robert Morris will once again rock the city of Pittsburgh as Spinning Jenny takes the stage with The Silencers on March 16.

The concert will take place at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh’s Station Square complex. The event is for audiences over 21 only with tickets available through Showclix for $18 in advance or purchased at the Hard Rock the day of the show for $20.

“The Silencers are an amazing band and we couldn’t be more happy to be sharing the stage with them,” said Spinning Jenny’s Talia Balzano.

This will not be Spinning Jenny’s first appearance at the Hard Rock, as the band fronted by the Balzano sisters performed at the venue in March 2018. They previously appeared with Antz Marching, a Dave Matthews cover band featuring RMU professor and violinist Heather Pinson.

“We love playing at the Hard Rock,” Julia Balzano, the band’s singer, said. “There’s such an iconic history to the company as a whole, so it feels really special to play at one of their venues. We’ve been fortunate enough to play a lot of nice gigs over the years, and the Hard Rock really stands out.”

Spinning Jenny hasn’t been resting since their last appearance at the venue. Since then, the band created an original song, “Powerline,” for AT&T SportsNet’s “Friday Night Rocks” playlist, and they competed in Topgolf’s “Who Will Rock You?” national tournament.

“The experiences with SportsNet and ‘Who Will Rock You?’ were incredible,” Talia Balzano said. “I’d say that our goal for every show though is to create a good flow of music and radiate a ton of energy. That has never changed for us. As far as interacting with other bands, it’s been a blast. We love meeting and performing with other bands, learning about them and sharing music with them.“

For this performance, Spinning Jenny will be joining The Silencers, a Pittsburgh rock and roll icon, for their reunion concert.

The Silencers are a critical part of Pittsburgh’s rock and roll history. The band’s single “Shiver and Shake” placed at #81 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1980, and their national tour saw them perform with iconic bands such as AC/DC and Foreigner. In addition to their chart success, The Silencers were featured on the first broadcast of MTV in 1981.

“A lot of people don’t know that we were on MTV the first day,” said Michael Cercone from the Silencers. “We were on their heavy rotation. We were also signed with CBS Records before there was even a band. They went to CBS with some songs and they said, ‘Yeah, let’s put together a band.’ That’s unheard of.”

While the performance will not feature all of the original members of The Silencers, lead vocalist Frank Czuri will join Cercone, who will be reprising his role on bass for the first time in years.

“It’s really good music and we missed playing it,” Cercone said. “We also wanted to make it a tribute to the fellas who passed away in the band, too.”

The Silencers decided to invite Spinning Jenny on stage with them after viewing them in concert over the years. Enjoying their sound, the bands became quick companions.

“I was privileged enough to see them a few years ago,” Cercone said. “They opened up for a Wild Cherry reunion over in Ohio. The talent and professionalism that they had made them stick in the back of my head. I kept seeing them on YouTube and social media, and they keep improving. I think that they are going to do really well for themselves.”

Both groups expressed anticipation for Saturday night, hoping to impress both old and new rock fans with their music. Spinning Jenny will also be providing fans at the Hard Rock with a surprise set of songs.

“We don’t want to give too much away, but we’ll definitely be doing some of our staple covers and songs from our previous records,” Angelina Balzano, Spinning Jenny’s piano and bass player, said. “What we’re most excited about, though, is that we’re debuting two brand new original songs from our upcoming CD.”