NFL Picks, Week 15

This week’s version of “NFL Picks” will be a quick hits version. Last week was 10-6, good enough to keep me firmly entrenched in last place with a 122-85 record. Foregoing a typical introduction, I just urge everybody to remain safe on the roads as severe winter storms hit back to back to back, remember the true meaning of the holiday season, and make it your best (and safest) ever.

Denver over San Diego

Atlanta over Washington

Chicago over Cleveland

Indianapolis over Houston

New England over Miami

Philadelphia over Minnesota

Seattle over New York Giants

San Francisco over Tampa Bay

Buffalo over Jacksonville

Kansas City over Oakland

Carolina over New York Jets

Green Bay over Dallas

Arizona over Tennessee

New Orleans over St. Louis

Cincinnati over Pittsburgh

Detroit over Baltimore


I hope everyone has a wonderful day and holiday season! Watch out for winter storms as well!

God Bless!

– Dan