The Frozen hype begins to thaw, but it was cool while it lasted

I have always loved Disney movies. The Lion King still tops my list of all-time favorites after all these years. The characters, as well as the songs made it an instant classic.

From 1989-1999, Disney animation was at the top of its game, producing the musical renaissance that I gladly grew up during, and still praise today. Though in the past ten years, Disney has failed to make a movie that is a true “classic.”

Tangled was supposed to break the streak in 2010 and put Disney back on the map. That didn’t necessarily happen. It was a good movie, but did not have the ultimate appeal of the studio’s biggest hits.

Though, looking back to this now, I feel like it could be the perfect start of a new renaissance, especially with the success of Wreck-It Ralph two years later.

When Frozen was released last November, Disney had officially brought a nostalgic feeling to those who remember their glory days of the ‘90s.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I honestly feel bad for you. This is the best animation I have personally ever watched. Is it weird that I get goosebumps when Elsa builds her ice castle during the “Let It Go” sequence? I think not.

The movie is easily the best the company has recently produced. Fun and lovable characters set the basis for the film (Olaf is the best . . . just saying), while the soundtrack is really what sets it apart from the others.

Disney has always had a great track record with music, dating back to the company’s first film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1937. The Lion King and Tarzan are my personal favorites when it comes to the songs.

Frozen’s soundtrack is easily the best of the recent era, and it can easily be put up on the ranks with the classics (I’m not ashamed, I know every word to all of them).

After a long stretch of lackluster films, Frozen brings back the love that Disney fans have not felt for a movie in a long time.

“Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.”

Frozen, you did just that.