Valentine’s Day: Just another day?


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and what better way to prepare for the “holiday” than to celebrate the true meaning of the romantic date. Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is a complete and total lie, much like Columbus Day, where we celebrate a man who murdered thousands of people for some land. Many people have claimed that Valentine’s Day is just another Hallmark holiday, and they are true, for the most part.

Cupid is that cute little boy who flies around shooting people with his bow and arrow so they fall instantly in love. History tells another tale however, saying Cupid originated from classic Greek art. He was a chubby boy very much like the cupid depicted today. However, instead of shooting arrows filled with love, he shot people with either an uncontrollable desire through a golden arrow or a lead arrow that makes the person feel aversion or the desire to flee. This is not the love we see in the movies. This desire was seen as torturous and non-stopping. Still think Valentine’s Day is romantic?

Red, purple and pink hearts can be seen everywhere in sight, but heart shapes only represent the idea of the emotion love. The hearts we see every day through emoji’s or Valentine’s Day cards are what people drew during the Middle Age to look like fig leaves. One day, someone declared that the heart shape means love. So basically, the heart symbol that is plastered all over the world today that makes people smile is a fig leaf. Realistically, the brain is what determines our emotions anyways, our heart just pumps the blood to the brain. The heart symbol only means something to someone if there is true meaning behind it.

For all of you single people out there, Valentine’s Day used to be a day of feast to honor St. Valentine. I don’t know about you, but when couples are going out spending money at restaurants, what better opportunity to grab fast food, ice cream, chocolate or whatever beats your cravings? This goes for the guys too. Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving are two acceptable holidays to shove your faces and not feel guilty about it.

Everyone who is involved in a relationship, take this day as an opportunity to recognize the hard work your loved ones do every day and appreciate them for who they really are. It is okay to go a little crazy with Valentine’s Day plans, just don’t forget that they should be recognized every day of the week!

Don’t let this mushy holiday fool you. Single or in a relationship, people should show love to each other no matter how chubby and adorable cupid is, or how many Valentine’s candies Walmart sells. Like I said before, the heart is only meaningful if there is something behind it. If there isn’t, then it is just a fig leaf.