Life after Littlefield: They are going to finish 80-82 aren’t they…


Jarrod Blumer, Contributor

For the first time in almost a month the Pirates won back-to-back games with their 2-1 win yesterday and 5-1 victory today over the Atlanta Braves.  Yes, it is nice to see that Pirates remembered how to win baseball games.  However, if they would have been able to sprinkle in a few more wins here and there in August and September they might be 82-79 at this point instead of the other way around.

On Thursday Jeff Locke got his first major league victory as he defeated the Braves by going 6 innings and only giving up 1 run along the way.  The offense was supplied primarily by Starling Marte, who hit his 5th homerun and 6th triple of the season.  There really isn’t all that much to talk about in a 2-1 win for a team that is going to lose more games than they won.

Tonight was a little more entertaining as Kevin Corriea joined AJ and James McDonald as the first trio of Pirates pitchers to win at least 12 games for the first time since 1991.  Correia went 6 2/3 while giving up just 1 run before turning the game over to the bullpen, who again shut the door on the Braves.  Garrett Jones continued to increase his offseason trade value as he hit his 27th homer of the season and drove in his 85th and 86th RBI of the season.

It all ends tomorrow.  What started out to be the best season in over two decades and then transpired it to the most devastating collapse in sports history al comes down to the Pirates taking on the Braves in game 162.  I’m not going to reflect on the season now because there really is way to0 much to talk about and I also don’t want to relive this nightmare of a season right before I go to bed.