Chances Are: NFL Week 17 Picks

Daniel Kitchen, NFL Staff Writer

Ironic I picked this song to listen to on the way home. Well rather my iPod shuffle mode did. But it works, because every pick I make is a chance, nothing more. I am sorry ot say this is the last week of my picks. After this, I leave the playoffs up entirely to fate and entertainment. It’s more fun than analyzing and ruining the outcome of a normally wonderful game or two. After this, all I have left is to speculate on drafts, free agents, big boards, and whatever else I care to!

Last week was a 12-4 week. I think that ties my best record this season, and pushes my record to 157-83. That moves me up one more spot, tying me with two other ESPN experts for fourth place, 10 games out of first, 9 out of second, and only one behind third. If I have a 7-9 week (one of my more sub-par performances), I tie last year’s record. Anything better is a bonus. Considering I finished 4th place out of nine experts and myself, I am pretty happy with being fourth place out of thirteen experts and myself heading into the final week!

So, for the final time in the 2012 NFL season, here are my weekly NFL picks:

Atlanta over Tampa Bay

Buffalo over New York Jets

Cincinatti over Baltimore

Chicago over Detroit

Tennessee over Jacksonville

Houston over Indianapolis

New Orleans over Carolina

New York Giants over Philadelphia

Pittsburgh over Cleveland

Denver over Kansas City

Green Bay over Minnesota (Hardest game of the year to pick. Thought about it for half an hour.)

New England over Miami

San Diego over Oakland

San Fransisco over Arizona

Seattle over St. Louis

Washington over Dallas



Will I beat the experts? Eh I don’t believe so. But I always strive to improve, so challenge accepted! It’s been great providing you with picks to criticize, and I look forward to an offseason full of various predictions on the NFL!


God Bless!

– Dan