The time is now: Get involved!

We are officially into the month of October, which means we’re all settled into our lives here at RMU. Everyone has their own routine, and it’s becoming extremely comfortable. This isn’t a bad thing, but college is a time to step out of your comfort zone. There are tons of ways to get involved on campus, and not all of them are clubs that have to do with your major that just look good on resumes. Whether you want to gather with people who share your political or religious views, perform, produce something media related, be a leader, or just share a common interest, there is a club for you at Robert Morris. Not only is there one, but probably multiple clubs.

Do not think for a second that because you are a freshman you have to wait, or won’t be needed. You determine your own importance to an organization, and when it comes to getting a leadership position junior or senior year, you’ll be more likely to be chosen if you’ve been on board with the club for longer. Additionally, never be afraid to start your own club if you can get enough people together and an advisor.

Now that we know the importance of getting involved, the The best way to get informed is to read the signs. The more the merrier, and all clubs want more people to join them, so they post signs everywhere possible. The next time you’re looking for something to do, just check the walls around campus.

If nothing jumps out at you, Student Life has lists of clubs and organizations available. Don’t wait, join some clubs, make some new friends, and start being a part of the RMU community!