Homecoming 2012: You don’t want to miss this!


Leah Fleischel, Copy Editor

It’s hard to visit the Class of 2016 Facebook page, or even hear a conversation without the mention of Homecoming. This is with good reason though, as it is quickly approaching and is one of the most fun weekends here at RMU! This year’s festivities will be held Sept. 28 and 29, and there is plenty to do. Here I’ll highlight some of the main activities, but a full list of the weekend’s events can be found at http://www.rmu.edu/events/Homecoming.
The first main event, and the one that is the most asked about, is the dance on Friday.
“What should I wear? Who should I go with? How do I get tickets? Is it even worth going to?” are all good questions, and after some investigation with some upperclassmen, I have the answers.
First and foremost, I have been told by nearly every student I asked it is more than worth going to. Sure, it could be considered not fun if you go determined to not enjoy yourself, but if you’re looking for a fun night then don’t even hesitate to go! Once you figure out that you’re attending, the next big questions usually are about dates and dress.
Dates definitely are not required, let alone needed, though some people choose to go with a set person. Some people also choose to go with a group of friends. Bottom line: find the people you’re going to have a blast with and be with them.
You’ve made up your mind, you know who you’re going with, but now what to wear? Don’t stress over it, no one is going to be turned down at the door for not dressing up enough. Let’s not kid ourselves though, dressing up once in awhile is fun and our prom days are over. Most upperclassmen suggest a semi-formal sort of dress for this occasion. The biggest disclaimer was to not go out and spend a fortune, unless you’re really aiming to make a statement. Dropping the big bucks really isn’t necessary though you could  shop the clearance sections at the mall or even recycle some of your semi-formal wear from high school. If you’re looking for ideas for what to wear, issue two of The Sentry has an awesome spread in the lifestyles section of  homecoming fashions.
If you went through all the trouble to figure this out, you probably should know how to actually get into the dance. Tickets are available in Student Life, and all you have to do is flash your Freedom Card to receive one free of charge. If you’re looking to bring a guest from outside RMU, and you most certainly can bring someone by the way, identification will be required and Student Life will explain the other specifics.
Once you have your ticket, outfit and group of friends, you are set to enjoy the evening! The dance is from 9 p.m. until midnight in the Sewall Center, but be sure to rest up for the festivities to follow the next day.
Tailgate Alley officially opens at 3 p.m. the day of the football game, but many students choose to start the celebration early and make it an all-day event. The cookout starts at 4 along with the Dave Matthews tribute band, Antz Marching.
Kickoff time for the football game against Lafayette is at 6 p.m., and if you haven’t had the chance to be a Colonial Crazy yet, this is the time to begin. The atmosphere is said to be one of the best at any sporting event throughout the course of the year, and the more the merrier!
Following the game is a fireworks show right at the Joe Walton Stadium that you don’t want to miss.
No matter who you ask, Homecoming weekend promises to be a blast, and you don’t want to miss it!
Homecoming 2011 set a school record in attendance, and with the help of the Class of 2016, there’s no reason that record can’t be shattered this year.
Make the best of it, enjoy every minute, and have fun. Let’s Go Colonials!