Mr. Peabody and Sherman: Pun for all ages


Are you a fan of talking dogs? Are you a fan of time travel? Most importantly, are you a fan of puns? If you answered yes to any of these questions, “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” is probably for you. Yes, even if you are in college, you are most likely going to like this movie.

“Mr. Peabody and Sherman” did a great job of incorporating humor for all ages. In the theatre with a few friends and myself was a pair of children and their parents. Everyone laughed plenty of times, but it was interesting how the different ages laughed at different times.

As expected the kids cracked up during the banter and slapstick comedy, but I felt that we, the older kids and parents, found it even funnier. Included in the movie are hilarious historical one-liners that no doubt go way over the heads of those elementary aged children in the audience. Among the best were Agamemnon explaining, “You don’t want to go over Oedipus’s house during holidays, AWKWARD” and Bill Clinton telling everyone that, “Eh, I’ve done worse” when Mr. Peabody manages to mess up the entire space-time continuum.

Besides the puns and the humor for all ages, “Peabody and Sherman” actually has a half decent storyline. Their adventures through ancient Egypt, Greece, France and renascence Italy are priceless, and each new location comes complete with its own host of kooky characters. My personal favorites were King Tut and Leonardo Da Vinci. As grown ups I think we all have a stereotypical way we view these people, but the characterizations in the movie seemed like they came straight from the minds of children, something that added to the fun, light hearted theme this movie portrayed.

Different than what I expected, I found “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” to be a great way to waste an hour and a half. If you have younger siblings (or just consider yourself a child at heart), be sure to check this movie out, you won’t be disappointed, and the youngsters you watch it with will be sure to enjoy it too.