“The Kings of Summer”, The Kings Of Coming of Age


In general, you can’t go wrong with coming of age stories. Such is the case with the 2013 film “The Kings of Summer.” The story of three teenage boys who abandon their lives with their unbearable parents to live alone in the woods, “The Kings of Summer” will undoubtedly remind everyone of those days during childhood in which we too were so sure we could make it out on our own.

Relocating themselves deep inside the woods, the boys decide to build a house and fend for themselves. They decide they’re only going to eat things they kill, only drink water they boil, and never, ever betray each other. All they want is a place to be away from their parents, a place where they can be their own men.

The story is predictable, but all coming of age stories are. They’re best friends, then they’re not, but by the end they’re back to normal again. Also true to stereotypes, it’s a girl that comes between them. Cliché I know, but in the case of this movie, the execution is what sets it apart, not the story. The cinematic style is one I’ve not exactly seen before and the soundtrack fits the timing and pace of the movie wonderfully.

The acting is good too. I’m always impressed when kids and teens know how to act. It’s very easy to buy into the idea that Nick Robinson and Gabrielle Basso are best friends, no doubt due to their abilities far beyond their years. It’s also incredibly easy to buy into the idea the Moisés Arias is the outsider who just wants to fit in.

I’d say watch this movie with a group of friends. It will surely bring back some great memories between everyone, and no doubt spark conversations about who would have served what role if you all lived on your own.