Pitt students create dating app ‘Inrstellar’


Photo Credit: (Apple Store/Inrstellar)

Soundharjya Babu, Contributor

OAKLAND – University of Pittsburgh students have created a dating app with a new twist.

With no photos on users’ public profiles, Inrstellar emphasizes connections over superficial judgments. Founder and CEO Paul Trichon wanted a place for people to connect through shared interests.

Trichon is a University of Pittsburgh graduate with a degree in marketing and is currently completing a degree in computer science.

“Most profiles are just photos of people, with no information about who they are,” said Trichon. “Conversations are difficult to start, and the amount of matching is very limited.”

Users create both a public and a private profile. The public profile can include a bio and images that describe the individual’s personality. The private profile must have one facial photo.

The app goes through different levels of matching. People can view public profiles and rank them on a “level of interest” scale. If two people rate each other positively, they move on to the next stage, which allows them to chat.

If the conversation goes well, two people can press the “Let’s Meet” button and view each other’s private profiles. The different levels emphasize personality over physical attraction.

“No matter who you are, or where you come from, you have an opportunity to present your ‘Inr’ self first,” said Trichon. People just want to be loved by someone who understands.”

Inrstellar is currently free to download on iPhone and Android.