SGA meeting recap: RMU dining experienced some changes this semester


Soundharjya Babu, Assistant News Editor

ROBERT MORRIS UNIVERSITY – The Student Government Association addressed the recent changes to RMU dining.

Lisa Rodgers, senior general manager of Parkhurst Dining, and Keith Lyne, assistant director of retail, were present to discuss some of the decisions Dining Services made. Keith Lyne mentions the removal of the salad bar. Romo’s cafe now has a pasta, macaroni and pierogi bar due to lower sales from the salad bar.

“We looked to see how many salads we sold from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., so when we saw that there wasn’t a lot of sales, that’s when we made that decision,” said Lyne.

Dining Services expanded a few sections, including the drink selection and the pizza section. There are now more shelves for Life water. According to Rodgers, pizza in PNC Cafe is selling well, especially with the new self-serve option.

All dining halls now include a food allergy list for every item. To accommodate for severe allergies, Lyne reminds students that cafeterias can make special meals in the back of the kitchen, and any wrong orders can be sent back for a refund.

In Yorktown Cafe, a new chef was introduced and will be incorporating a variety of dinner specials. Rodgers and Lyne also ask for feedback from students at the meeting.

Students expressed concerns about long lines at PNC Cafe’s Firehouse Grill since it can block off other parts of the area.

According to one student, the pasta bar in Romo’s closes earlier than the designated time of 10 p.m. Other students would like to incorporate menu items from the Island Sports Center into the menus on campus.

A student offered a compliment to Dining Services for Romo’s cafe staying clean. Keith Lyne also reminds students that the Center for Student Success is available as a resource to handle any severe allergies.

The Director of Communications position is currently filled, and three new organizations were introduced to be considered by SGA. The Institute of Management Accountants is opening up a chapter at RMU. IMA is a worldwide association for accountants and gives students the CMA license certification.

Another upcoming chapter is Tau Sigma, which will act as a support system for transfer students with social networking opportunities. Tau Sigma also hopes to encourage students from community colleges to transfer to RMU.

Also, the Writing Club hopes to give creative writers a platform to share and receive feedback on their work. Two organizations received the professional development grant. Collegiate 100 got $800, and Women in Business received $391.38.

Several events are coming up for the next couple of months. On Halloween, students can attend the Murder Mystery Party at 6:30 p.m. Family weekend is on Oct. 25 to Oct. 27, with various events and activities for families to enjoy.

Holiday mural decorating will take place on Nov. 8. Students are encouraged to sign up to volunteer on the Revolution page.