Warner Brothers Entertainment – Inspire and Learn

The panel discussion with Warner Brothers entertainment and TV Guide writer was really interesting. The TV Guide writer, Damian Holbrook, was fascinating. Holbrook was charming and charismatic enough to have his own show. Jeff Tobler and Tammy Golihew were there representing Warner Brothers PR division.
I connected immediately with Tammy’s story. She grew up in Maryland not far from me. Stating that she couldn’t find her “tribe” or peer group in Maryland where a lot of kids are part of political or military families. Seeking something new and exciting she went to Los Angeles. It was there that she found the people with which she found common interests. I too have felt the need to find my specific group of people. If I try to travel to L.A., my mother can blame Tammy for making it seem so wonderful.
It was great hearing the conversation between the journalist that can tell us exactly what he wants to receive in a pitch and the PR professional that can tell us how she does them and compare those views.
Another great thing that this discussion affirmed for me that mentors are critical and important to the learning process. The assumption about mentors is that they need to be older than the mentee, however Tammy stated that age is not the defining factor in a mentor, experience is. Wisdom comes from doing; it does not solely from aging. Another important point that she made at the discussion was that of knowing the business you want to work in. In order for me to work in the music business I need to know the processes and functions of every facet of the business.
Having Tammy at the conference was invaluable for me. I went away from the session with so many ideas in my head and an even amount of motivation in my soul.