Event Planning – The Devil’s in the Details

Scott Mirkin gave the event planning presentation on Saturday. Mirkin is a producer at Philadelphia based Production Company, ESM Productions. Scott took us through the conceptualizing, planning, and execution of an event. He showed us very impressive pieces that his company has done in the past.
Scott pointed out the crucial elements of creating an event for a client such as understanding the client’s vision, accurately communicating with the client to assure that the vision is being executed, and working with a budget.
There are a million things that go into creating a successful event so effective communication is absolutely crucial. Scott emphasized the importance of being nimble. It is important to be able to adjust to problems and think quickly on your feet. It is also important to be nimble in the way of different types of presentations. A producer should have the skills to conduct a press conference, meeting, reception, or investor/ shareholders meeting.
One thing that was very evident through the entirety of the presentation was the amount of passion and work that you need to incorporate into your job. The types of high profile clients and events that Scott described require an amazing amount of detail and hard work. I was most impressed by ESM’s work with the Phillies and John Kerry.
Overall, it was inspiring to see what goes into making events of that size.