Show Don’t Tell: Benefits of Creating a Student Run PR Firm

The Show Don’t Tell: Benefits of Creating a Win-Win for local Businesses was my first session Friday. Three students Clayton Durant, Joesph Milanes, and Jamie Warner presented the session. They are part of Roger Williams University’s PRSSA chapter. A major part of their organization is operating a student run Public Relations Firm. The firm encourages local businesses to let the firm provide them with a full public relations campaign that they can then take and use or take and save. Either way the students get great samples for their portfolio and the business gets a free publicity package.
The points they made were clear and precise directions. Simply, having a student run firm creates real life opportunities for students and free publicity for local businesses. Their group also takes their members on tours of PR firms to give them a look at a professional work atmosphere that they can then take back and replicate in their own workspace.
The work that the school run firm does seems insanely beneficial for the students that are apart of it. I enjoyed listening to their presentation and fully believe in the benefits of the program and the experience it gives students.