People, Purpose, and Passion – The Similarities Between Public Speaking and Rock n’ Roll

The similarities between being a rock star and a public speaker are astounding. Rock and roll and public speaking really do have the same backbone, they’re brothers from some weird different mothers.
Hear me out, this Sunday I attended Dr. Joseph Trahan’s “Spice Up Your Presentation Skills” session and later in the night also attended Frightened Rabbit’s concert at the Electric Factory here in Philadelphia. I couldn’t help but compare the two experiences and use what I learned earlier in the day to explain how to be a good live band.
Dr. Trahan spoke so many wise words with such amazing presence and authority that I decided to forgo live tweeting and just took in the presentation for all its worth. Trahan revealed to us the “Three P’s”
1. People – If you can’t connect with your audience, you’ve failed as a speaker.
2. Purpose – Why are you standing in front of them and speaking?
3. Passion – If you don’t believe in what you do neither will anyone else.

Dr. Trahan also gave us the keys to unlocking the speech’s power.
1. Audience- Know who they are.
2. Situation- What time are you giving the speech? What cultural events have recently taken place? This can be used to engage your audience.
3. Location- Consider the space in which you’re giving the speech and the time of day.

That’s what a performer on stage does; they try to engage the audience by knowing things about them and what’s been going on in the city’s culture and create a sort of dialogue with the group. The one advantage that performers’ have over speakers is the element of music. They have the ability to connect with their audience through musicality and an openness of emotions, they also have the poetic nature of lyrics to connect with others. Artists play with purpose, and ignite passion into the audience.
Dr. Trahan’s presentation was amazing and influential; it was by far one of my favorite sessions in the conference.