Big Ideas on a Small Budget

I got a lot out of the “Big Ideas on a Small Budget” presentation that was given by students from University of Delaware. The presentation was all about how these students put on the maximum amount of beneficial professional events without breaking the bank. The students explained four events that range in cost from $0 -$250.
1. Skill Slams- These are monthly professional development sessions that strengthen students skills in resume writing, social media etiquette, and networking. The event is free and can be held anywhere.
2. PRSSA Challenge – This event is a day of competitive strategy planning. The participants are split into groups where they are given a real life PR scenario and are required to find background information on their client, draft a plan for the client, and they are judged on their plan and given a prize for creating the best. This event is free and can be held in an empty classroom or dormitory common area.
3. Agency tours- This involves getting the students together to travel to a PR firm and tour the facilities and network. This event ranges in price depending on travel fees and gas money.
4. Night with the Pros – In this event the group invites local professionals to come and talk about their professional experience or lecture on a specific topic. This event can be pricier than the others depending on catering, invites, promotions, and giveaways.
I was excited by these event ideas, in particular the PRSSA Challenge. It would be fun and exciting as well as a great way to test your real world skills.

These concepts are not kept to the world of PR. Any student group could modify these events to suite their own needs and the profession they are focused on.